Madrid, 1990 

I feel attracted to the daily things, the moments that we overlook because they don't seem important but, that in my opinion, contain the whole sense; The silences, the looks, the gestures, the slow paces…; to observe the interaction among strangers in any place, moment and circumstance, and to discover how the specific cultural codes determine our way of live, think and communicate with the world. 


My tools are the camera, the pen and the paintbrush, tough I also work some printing techniques such as lithography, transfer and engraving. The support is very important to me, and that’s why I investigate and test great variety of papers from the whole world.


The trips are my excuse to find new inspirations and projects, though, if you are attentive, any place and moment is good to discover a story worth being told.


2018 - Gold medal. Categorie drawing. Salon Nacionale des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

2018 - Bronze medal. Categorie illustration. Salon Nacionale des Beaux-Arts de Paris.


2018 - "Salon Nacionale des Beaux-Arts de Paris". Carrousel du Louvre

2017 - "Grand Salon d'art abordable de la Bellevilloise". Paris

2016 - "Puces de l'Illustration". Campus Fonderie de l'image. Paris

2015 - "Ilustrísima". ABC Museum. Madrid


2020 - "ZIG ZAG". Gentilly. France

2017-2019 - "Platero y los artistas". Itinerant exhibition. Spain

2015 - Shop and art gallery "Art Dressing". Montpellier. France

2014 - "Ant+arT". UCM Fine Arts. Madrid. Spain

2014 - "Medallística: Oficios puestos de relieve". Madrid Historical Library. Spain

2013 - Pub Oba-Oba. Madrid. Spain

2012 - "3A3" Mazo Publications. Madrid. Spain
2010 - "Zaca Art gallery". Segovia. Spain


2020 - (Exhibition in preparation. September). André Malraux Cultural Center. Saint Germain en Laye. France

2020 - "Sérendipité" Gentilly Cultural Center. France (postponed to 2021)

2018 - "Festival du Cinéma Social en Narbonnais". Narbonne. France

2017 - "Piel de papel". Mataelpino, Madrid. Spain

2015 - "Un lieu, un instant". Fleury d'Aude's tourist center. France
2013 -  "Momentos" Gallery El Sátiro Mordaz. Spain


2015/present - Ilustrator/grafic artist for the artistic collective "Création SIento" and "Troupe SIento". Montpellier/Paris.

2013/present - Colaboration with differents enterprises and artistic collectives as an illustrator and/or photographer: ("Cottong gang", "Le Cri Dévot", "Art Dressing", "Hooptouch Convention", "Bank of fashion" "La Femme Canon Cie"... ) Spain/France

2014/2016 - Official photographer in Ruta Inti. Spain/Moroco/Greece

2014 - Co-founder of the artistic group "Ant+arT". Madrid


2008-2014 - Master in Fine arts for the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Speciality in Plastic Arts

2011-2012 - School of Fine Arts of Paris (ENSBA)